Widower's Bingo Night

"Joyce protested, 'But Robin, none of us has even had a hormone treatment in over a decade. Why, my voice has reverted almost to a baritone - and I'm even getting a mustache again!'

Slowly wringing her hands, Marjorie added, 'She's right, Robin. If we go down to that Widowers Bingo Night looking like this, they'll peg us as Trannies before we even get past the holy water.'

'You think I hadn't thought of that?' Robin smiled slyly. Reaching into her handbag, she withdrew 6 travel-sized cans of Gillette Foamy and held them aloft. 'Break out the razors, ladies - because your days of moping around the north wing of Whispering Acres are over. We're on a man hunt!'"