Star Trek is a Fake

Star Trek is very fake. I can't watch it for more than a few minutes without telling my friends at the home how fake the shows and movies are.

For example, in The Next Generation, there is this pretty girl named Troy, who always wears tight things on the bridge. That slut would be taking my penis in her filthy itchy rectum if she were on MY ship!

Also, in the old series, they would drive very fast and make people all the time angry and sad. Why? Because they kept letting that nip drive! How stupid and fake! I mean, we are flying around and saving the environment in a very big space ship (probably as big as a monster truck..maybe even bigger.) and we let a fucking jap drive? What the fuck?

Now there is this voyager series. Don't get me started! They have a chick in charge! How fucking lame and fake! Oh sure, fire the torpedoes and stuff while I take care of my lesbian needs with this funny looking alien slut. Oh come on!

I also think it was soooooooooooo fake that James Kirk is supposed to live 200 years in the future, but then I see TJ Hooker (oh sure they change the name, but I'm not fooled. You can't fool me.) in the 80's fighting crime in LA with that whore from 90210. That is just pathetic. Like I'm that stupid or something.