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Fox LA Janitors LA Hookers LA Barbers LA Garbage Men LA Serial Killers
UPN I Dream of Dead Bodies Hitler: Not Such a Bad Guy The Jews ARE Taking Over Zena and her Lezo "traveling parner" Star Trek - Deep Space WHO FUCKING CARES
WB Bitch Slap Macky D! Freaking Homy G and the Crack Hoes My Daddy Touches Me Special Gangsta J and His Pose of Gang Bangas! Freaky Homy G Bangin That Brandy Hoe!
Animal Planet Monkeys Throwing Shit Cows Taking Dumps Chicken Fucking Derby Lion's Killing Liberals
E! The Struggles of John Davidson Women of the Internet : High Tech Crack Whores I was a Teenage Crack Whore
ESPN2 NAMBLA Parade Gay Pride Parade NAMBLA and Gay Pride Parade NAMBLA, Gay, Nigger, Dago, Kike, Chink, Gimp, KKK and Communist Pride Parade
Sci-Fi Lost in Space II - Judy Gets a Boob Job Angry Dandruff From Space Space Bitches
Lifetime This Old house Is A Fucking Mess Roots III - Get Over IT Dances With Wolves II - Get Over It
TNN Deliverance II, Ride Me You Hill Billy Rocky XII - My Chest Hurts and I'm Cold Over The Top III Rambo X - Ow That Hurt You Bitch
Telemundo Siempre Gordo! Siempre Mucho, Grande Pechos! Las Naked Chicks! Siempre Gordo Chicks! Que hora es?
PBS Give Us Money Please Give Us Money Give Us Some Money Give Us Some Fucking Money Fucking Bitch! Give Us Fucking Money! I'm going to Kill you Bitch! I Want Your Fucking Money!
Cinemax Charlie's Hookers The Gay Titanic Autoerotic Asphyxiation Fantasy Island Threes Company is Great if Their All Lesbian