Publisher Cleared in Pop-Up Book Trial

New York, NY - Publishing giant Random House was cleared of all charges in a lawsuit stemming from a fatal accident involving a pop-up book of sexual positions that they published from May 1999 to December 2000.

The class action suit was filed by Skrelnick, Callard, and Associates law firm in the Spring of 2001 when several people were injured trying to duplicate one the positions found in the book. It seems that a folding error on page 27 caused a number of couples to inadvertently snap their partners spines when attempting that position.

Myron Skrelnick, lead attorney on the case, had this to say, "Someone is negligent and should be held accountable for the injuries and deaths that occurred as a result of this book!". Skrelnick went on to add that some of the positions are "just sick and wrong" and that "You'd have to be a friggin' yoga master, to be able to do what's on page 85!"

Julie Fredericks a plaintiff in the case said, "I told Frank that the position didn't look right, but he said that he wanted to try it. If only the sickos at Random House hadn't published this book then I'd still have my Frankie."

Insiders at the publisher said that the book almost wasn't published, but that the innuendos possible in publishing a "pop-up" sex book was just too tempting.

In a related story Random House has put on hold another pop-up book "Sex for Friggin' Yoga Masters!" until it's legal department has been able to take a look at the illustrations.