Employee Appraisal

Employee Appraisal / Counseling Sheet

This form indicates employee performance in the position they currently hold.


     [ ] The son of a bitch really knows his stuff
     [ ] Knows just enough to be dangerous
     [ ] Only half a brain and is dangerous
     [ ] Fucking brain damaged, his coffee cup has a higher IQ


     [ ] Does excellent work if not preoccupied with pussy
     [ ] Pretty good, only occasionally blows it out his ass
     [ ] Has to take off his shoes to count to ten
     [ ] Couldn't count his balls and get the same number twice


     [ ] Extremely cooperative if you kiss his ass frequently
     [ ] Brown nose in good standing
     [ ] Often pisses off co[ ]workers, thinks it's his shop
     [ ] Doesn't give a shit, never did and never will


     [ ] A really dependable little cocksucker
     [ ] You can rely on him at evaluation time
     [ ] Can rely on him to be the first one out the fucking door
     [ ] Totally fucking useless/worthless


     [ ] Extremely neat, even combs his pubic hair
     [ ] Looks great at evaluation time
     [ ] Flies abandon fresh dog shit to follow him around
     [ ] Dirty, filthy, dirty son of a bitch


     [ ] Works like a son of a bitch, if there's money in it for him
     [ ] Does all kinds of good shit at evaluation time
     [ ] Works only if kicked in the ass every 2 minutes
     [ ] Couldn't do less work if he were in a fucking coma