Books - Card Games

Ace On The River (Barry Greenstein)
An Investigation Of An Adaptive Poker Player (Graham Kendall And Mark Willdig)
Approximating Game-Theoretic Optimal Strategies For Full-Scale Poker (D. Billings)
Bluffing Beyond Poker (Johannes Horner Nicolas Sahuguet)
Body Language And Poker (Allan Pease)
Card Trick Central - Best Cards Tricks
Caros Book Of Poker Tells (Mike Caro)
Championship No-Limit And Pot-Limit Hold Em (T.J. Cloutier And Tom Mcevoy)
Collection Of Shorthanded Limit Hold Em Poker Articles
David Sklansky - The Eight Mistakes In Poker
Doyle Brunsons Super System - A Course In Power Poker
Doyle Brunsons Super System 2 - A Course In Power Poker
Effective Short Term Opponent Exploitation In Simplified Poker (B Hoehn F. Southey And R.C. Holte)
Encyclopedia Of Card Tricks
First Step Poker (William T. Love)
Full Tilt Poker - Tips From The Pros
Golden Rules Of Poker
Harrington On Hold Em (Volume 1 - Strategic Play)
Harrington On Hold Em (Volume 2 - The Endgame)
Harrington On Hold Em (Volume 3 - The Workbook)
Harry Lorayne - Close Up Card Magic
Hold Em Poker For Advanced Players (David Sklansky And Mason Malmuth)
How To Win At The Casino
Insider Secrets To Playing Texas Hold Em Poker Online (Theo Cage)
Internet Texas Hold Em Winning Strategies From An Internet Pro (Matthew Hilger)

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